SPD Consulting Based On Decades Of Experience

Our sterile processing consultants leverage the 100 years of our staff’s combined experience within the sterile processing industry. Our sterile processing consultants are well-versed in regulatory guidelines, and with our comprehensive checklist, we can assess your department and offer real-world solutions to get compliant with The Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as most state and federal requirements.

Overview Of Our Sterile Processing Department (SPD) Consulting

Led by Adam Okada, Sterile Processing Manager and founder of the Central California Chapter of IAHCSMM, our SPD consultants examine all focus areas of your sterile processing department program to identify opportunities to improve and recommend practical implementations.

Our consultation services offer on-demand expertise of experienced SPD educators and SPD managers who audit and assess your department according to safety and quality benchmarks. This includes sterilization procedures, tool organization, equipment storage, and tray management.

SPD Analysis

Our sterile processing consultations provide you with a detailed analysis and summary of trends within your department, then we create an action plan that allows you to improve on opportunities related to non-compliance risk, operational efficiencies, and overall patient care.

SPD Technician Training

While we offer training for specialists with extensive experience, we also offer entry-level training courses that familiarize new SPD technicians with operating room (OR) procedures, surgical instruments, compliance factors, and other foundational skills and knowledge.

Instrument Specialist Education

Our sterile processing consultation and training options offer more information for experienced healthcare staff who are already knowledgeable regarding operating room (OR) processes, the best sterilization methods, and ways to maintain compliance.

Audits & Risk Assessments

Stark Law violations or anti-kickback violations cause hospitals to lose millions of dollars and non-compliance can result in a denial of accreditation. Our consulting team establishes benchmarks for resolving tray errors, IUS rate, case delays, and other issues so you provide higher quality services and remain compliant.

About Our Sterile Processing Consultants

Our sterile processing consulting is designed to improve SPD staff performance, minimize infection and lost instruments, and allow for reliable patient care. From your sterile processing department to the rest of your hospital, Sterile Education provides sterile processing education for staff training and recommends process improvements so you can stay compliant and efficient.

What People are Saying

Student & Client Testimonials

Tori Ruiz
Tori Ruiz
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Adam Okada is extremely knowledgeable in sterile processing. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and working with students to help them pass certification. Adam is always keeping up on the latest technology in the field and applying it to his work and teaching.
Jenny Yang
Jenny Yang
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Love this course. The instructor is easy-going. I learned a lot that gave me a whole new perspective on surgery and infection prevention (on everyday lifestyle).
Cheron Rojo
Cheron Rojo
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This course is a 5 star rating! The instructor Adam Okada has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and years in the field to not only teach an amazing course but share his experiences from the front-line and tools of the trade that you may not recieve from other courses or instructors out there.

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Common questions about our sterile processing consultations

Sterile processing consultants work closely with the leadership team in a hospital or similar organization to examine sterilization practices, assess whether staff and implemented methods are compliant with regulations and recommended workflows.

The concept of healthcare consulting is often familiar to business leaders since a business consultant will engage with companies to suggest innovation opportunities, determine ways to lower costs, and recommend resources for getting more customers.

A sterile processing consultant advises SPD managers on how to improve operational efficiencies and ensures that SPD staff have the knowledge and training certifications necessary to follow the best procedures for sterilizing and maintaining surgical tools and medical equipment.

Many problems and challenges that arise in a sterile processing department are born out of a lack of operational efficiency and insufficient training for either staff or management. Improper cleaning of surgical instruments and poor organization of surgical tools endanger patient safety, as does “flashing” and other risky sterilization practices.

Ultimately, the goal of sterile processing department consultations is to improve patient outcomes in the OR by reducing the risk of infection and ensure that staff is properly trained to clean, sterilize, and maintain the equipment and tools in the hospital sterile processing department.

Often, the topic of sterile processing management isn’t discussed among healthcare leaders until there’s been a fine or penalty for non-compliance or poor sterile processing management.

Traditionally, the sterile processing department is tucked away, both in location and in mind. Many executives are more passionate about hospital construction projects or new medical technology advancements than improving their SPD department. However, the sterile processing department remains a foundational aspect of improving patient outcomes for hospital sites and ensuring that surgical services are carried out without compromising patient safety.

With over a decade of experience as a sterile processing manager, Adam Okada, Founder of Sterile Education, firmly believes that sterile processing consulting is a worthy investment for any organization with an ongoing commitment to success and improved quality of care for patients.

For health organizations with an authentic commitment to innovation and dedication to improving the quality of care, our consultations are critical to protecting the health of patients and reducing the chance of penalties due to poor SPD management or non-compliant staff.

Regardless of which city you’re in, or how many locations you have, our consulting services offer you the assistance and guidance of SPD experts so you can confidently focus on improving efficiency, quality, and technology adoption (if necessary) within your department. Our SPD experts serve as valuable resources, from helping you find a practical solution to a recurring problem to ensuring critical staff training on medical technology and equipment. Either way, when it comes to consulting, you can trust Sterile Education’s consulting services!