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We believe that patient safety begins with highly trained and certified Sterile Processing Technicians who are passionate about their role in patient safety.

About Mr. Adam Okada

Mr. Adam Okada is a Sterile Processing Manager with 14 years of experience in the Sterile Processing area. The President and Founder of the Central California Chapter of IAHCSMM, Mr. Okada is also the Owner and Founder of Sterile Education, a mobile application dedicated to the education and technological integration of the Sterile Processing community.

Because his extensive industry knowledge, Mr. Okada has appeared on numerous podcasts like Beyond Clean, where he’s discussed opportunities for innovation within the field sterile processing.

As heard on the Beyond Clean podcast

“Sterile Processing, yeah, there’s an App for that. On this Top 10 re-release episode from Season 1 of the Beyond Clean podcast, we talked to Adam Okada about the impact of mobile application technology on the Sterile Processing industry, education, and the future of professional networking. How can you leverage industry expertise right from your smart phone? Is there such a thing as an educator in your pocket? We discuss these topics and more in a unique conversation with one of a growing number of disruptors in our industry. Tune in, grab your smart phone, and listen up for some inspiration on how technology could change the way we think about Sterile Processing in the 21st century. Now with new CE approval, it’s a great opportunity to learn, get credit, and walk away with your own ideas for potential innovation in this space.”

100 years of real-world experience

Sterile Education educators have over 100 years of combined experience working in the Sterile Processing industry.

Our educators are well versed in regulatory guidelines, and with our comprehensive checklist, we can assess your department and offer real-world solutions to get compliant with The Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as most state and federal requirements.

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